Bible Jumpers


Daniel revealed that he had invented a time machine.  Simon asks him why he needed a time machine?  Daniel proceeds to introduce to the group the Bible Jumpers Ministry.

“That is a really good question Simon,” said Daniel, “Could everyone please come here.”

When the group came to where Daniel was, he began to explain.  “Remember what I told you about the Bible Jumpers Ministry?”

Everyone nodded.

“Yeah, something to do about jumping into the Bible right?” asked John.

“That’s correct,” said Daniel, “However, for young people, it is really difficult for them to get into the Bible.”

“Why is that?” asked Liz.

“Because the stories of the Bible are too unbelievable to believe,” said Carrie.

“That’s right Carrie,” said Daniel.  “Think about it, it is hard to believe that there was a man named Samson, who had superhuman strength.”

“Yeah, you only see those kinds of guys in comic books,” mentioned John.

Daniel continued, “Also, it is hard to imagine seeing Moses parting the Red Sea.”

“That’s scientifically impossible,” said Zach.

“Furthermore, people can’t wrap their minds around Jesus, who performed many miracles, died on the cross, and was raised from the dead in three days,” concluded Daniel.

‘That is something that I can’t believe’, thought Simon.

Daniel pointed to the vehicle, “That, my friends, is the reason why I built the time machine.  To have young people go back in time and see firsthand the people and the events that are mentioned in the Bible.”

Everyone looked at the machine in awe.

“That is amazing,” said Liz.

“The stories of the Bible…coming alive,” whispered Mary.

“I still can’t believe it,” said Zach.

“Believe it Zach,” said John, “We are looking at history in the making.”

“It will change the world,” said Carrie.

“How does it work?” asked Simon impatiently.

Daniel went to the time vehicle and pressed the metallic panel by the door.  With a CLICK, the doors slid open.  “Why don’t you all come inside and I’ll show you.”

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