Reflections on Creation: Fire

Defy Augury

“Just because God cannot tell us what He is, He very often tells us what He is like, and by these ‘like’ figures He leads our faltering minds as close as they can come to that ‘Light which no man can approach unto’…God has used a number of these similitudes to hint at His incomprehensible being, and judging from the Scriptures one would gather that His favorite similitude is fire.”

~A.W. Tozer, Evenings with Tozer, February 6 Reading

I know I quote him often, but Tozer’s right. All throughout the Bible, God loves to connect with us by comparing Himself to or manifesting Himself as fire. God led the children of Israel with His pillar of fire in Exodus; His fire burnt Elijah’s sacrifice in First Kings; and Christ’s eyes are compared to flames in Revelation. Furthermore, the fire similitude can also apply to believers–remember the Pentecost “tongues of…

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