How Appreciative Are You Of The Process

Fisayo Ade - Faith & Natural Hair

The walk with God is easy when the blessings are in abundance . We call God our father but deep down most of us treat him like a blessing machine; and we say our ‘thank you’ prayers because everything is going great. When he needs to get you to a whole new level, He knows values would have to be taught and this is where the problem comes in.

We begin to murmur:
1. God what did I ever do? I pay my tithe, I pay my offering.
Trust me paying your tithe or not doesn’t guarantee an answer to this question.

2. I helped so and so persons
Quit it! There’s a blessing for that already.

But the real deal is when you recognize that the One who has promised to take care of you hasn’t forgotten. He’s letting you go through the process. I don’t want a blessing…

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