How much does love weigh?

It is when we have the love of Christ in us that we are able to overcome all the trials and storms of this life. While things like anger and fear bring us down and keep us from experiencing our full potential in Christ, faith and love in Him will lift us up like being on the wings like eagles.

Just me being curious

I was reading Don’s post last night: “Calming the Storm” – Matthew 8:23-27.  And found myself pondering Don’s conclusion: “The real question for us is this: Will we trust God with our lives or will we be battered about by the storms of life?” I found myself pondering by the still silent pool.

We talked of corks.  My preference for being “a cork” floating here and there as the current of connection takes me.  A preference I have found uncommon.  That having a purpose, having a ministry, having a direction is how we and God should work together.

Yet I think my purpose is to be a cork.  A cork that can go in any direction when the cork does not resist.  For I find not resisting is walking in faith.  I have found a cork can survive any “storm”.  I find being a cork to be infused with something…

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