Guides to Avoid Sexual Compromise In a Relationship

Fisayo Ade - Faith & Natural Hair

Hey guys! Good to have you back on my blog 😊 . I have been stalling on this topic for a while now majorly because of all the controversy it comes with. As you all are aware, my blog is a faith based blog, so most of what I put out here is faith based, especially on topics regarding relationships. So all my points would be pointing you back to the Bible.

I’m well aware that they’re a lot of people out there who feel it’s natural to have sexual relations in a relationship, and I’m also aware that they’re also people out there who want to honor God in their relationships, people who are willing to delay instant gratification just because they love God and are willing to obey his word.

I’ve put together a few guides that could help you maintain your sexual purity in your relationship. What…

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