A Single Candle

Life is tough.  It’s an inevitable conclusion that we all draw.  We’re fallen beings in a fallen world, and whether by our own error, the error of others, or by the happenstances of the (sometimes cruel) natural world, we collect wounds as we go through life.  That’s the truth.  We’re all wounded.

Now, for many of us, this statement of fact leaves a nasty taste in our mouths.  We see our wounds only as marks of shame and weakness; one of the many ways in which we just don’t measure up.  We hide them, ignore them, deny them–trying desperately to mend the tears in our hearts before anyone notices that they’re there.  There are a couple of different motivations that may account for this behavior.  First, if anyone ever put two and two together and realized that we weren’t perfect, or really even all that close to perfect, we might…

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