A Step of Faith (Getting out of our comfort zones)

In previous posts we’ve looked at when God asks us to wait. What about when He requires us take a bold step of faith?

Reading this story in Joshua 3, we see that the Jordan didn’t open up until the feet of the priests touched the water.

There was no going forward into the promised land without faith going into action. Faith is like a muscle, if it isn’t exercised, it will weaken until atrophy sets in.

There was no way way around their problem – they had to go through it!

The Final Obstacle

The children of Israel had spent 40 years in the wilderness – 40 years!

They were now about to enter into the Promised Land at last, leaving the past behind them. But they faced a final obstacle – the Jordan River.

Normally the Jordan is only around 100 feet wide; but God had brought…

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