The Prayer


Daniel shows the High Schoolers the different tools that they will use when they travel through time.  After handing the equipment out, he asks everyone to join him in prayer.

“What for?” asked Simon.  “Why do we need to pray?”

“We pray for traveling mercies on the Bible jump,” said Daniel, “And for clarity when we see the things that we will see on the journey.”

“What’s the point in praying?” asked Zach.  “I mean, it’s not like God hears you anyway.”

“Why do you say that Zach?” asked Daniel.

“Well…,” Zach fidgeted in his seat, “When I was seven, my Grandma was really sick.  So I prayed that she would get better.  But she didn’t.  She died two days after I prayed.”  Zach lowered his eyes to the floor.

Daniel placed his hand on Zach’s shoulder.  “I’m sorry that happened to you Zach.  Losing a relative is never easy.”

“I remember I was so angry that God didn’t make her better,” said Zach looking up at Daniel.  “After that, I decided that either there was no such thing as God or he is a God that doesn’t care.”

Daniel knelt down so that his eyes met Zach’s.  “God did hear your prayer Zach.  He hears all prayers.”

“Then why didn’t he heal my Grandma?”

“When God answers our prayers, He usually says ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘Not Yet’.  Now, when He says ‘No’, we need to trust that God has a reason for not saying ‘Yes’.”

“What good reason did God have for taking my Grandma away?” asked Zach with tears in his eyes.

‘That’s what I want to know,’ thought Simon.

Daniel shook his head.  “I don’t have the answer to that question.  That’s why I pray to God.  To understand why He does the things that He does.  The more I pray to Him, the more I understand.”

Daniel stood up.  “I won’t force you to pray Zach.  It’s completely your choice.”

Zach looked at everyone.  “I think I will just watch.”

“Me too,” said Simon as he crossed his arms.

“I understand,” said Daniel, “Everyone else, if you would please close your eyes and bow your heads…Let’s pray:  Oh Lord our God who is in heaven; holy is your name; your kingdom come, and your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us each day our daily bread.  Forgive us our wrongs, as we also forgive those who wrong against us.  Lead us not into temptation, but save us from all evil.  Lord, bless this group of young people who are about to see your Word in person.  Protect us and keep us from harm.  Reveal to us the mystery of your Will.  We pray all this in Jesus’ name; AMEN.”

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