Religion vs. Science

Secondly Magazine

It’s a common myth that Christians deny science.

I’ve heard countless atheists confidently separate truth into two different categories: religion and science. But is that a valid statement?

When atheists use the phrase “religion vs. science” they are implying that religion is incompatible with science, as if the two disagree. However, religion is not incompatible with science. Quite contrarily, what we’re really dealing with here is a paradigm conflict. There are two dominant worldviews people have when they observe the world around them.

The first is the atheist worldview. Atheists believe there is no God, and therefore make conclusions based on scientific evidence that support their preexisting beliefs. For example, when evolutionists noticed an overwhelming lack of transitional fossils, instead of objectively trying to reach a conclusion based on the evidence, they concocted an explanation that supported their atheistic beliefs. Although atheistic evolutionists claim that they believe in “science” and not…

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