Meeting the Angel


The Bible Jumpers strike a conversation with the shepherds that are guarding their sheep in the outskirts, where their discussion is interrupted by a strange light.

Author’s Note:

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In the night sky, a star all of sudden became brighter than the others.

“Is it just me, or does it seem like that star is getting bigger?” asked John.

“It looks like it’s getting closer,” said Zach.

The whole plain illuminated as the ‘star’ got closer and closer.  Shepherds, who were asleep, were awakened by the unexpected light.  Their eyes were filled with terror as they gazed at the heavenly body coming towards them.

“What is it?” shouted one of the shepherds.

“Cover your eyes,” commanded Daniel to the Bible Jumpers.

Then the star gave off a bright flash that temporarily blinded the shepherds.

“I can’t see!” exclaimed Amos as he fell off the rock and landed on his face.

“It’s too bright!” said Mary with her hand covering her eyes.

“Use your robes,” said Daniel.  He used the long sleeve of his robe to shield some of the brilliance of the star so he could see.

The shepherds, after recovering from their temporary blindness, also used their robes to block out the light.

The light from the ‘star’ started to dim.  Slowly, the shepherds and the Bible Jumpers lowered their robes to see what it was that has come to them.

“Oh Lord, have mercy!!!” exclaimed Reuben as he fell on his knees and covered his face.  The other shepherds did the same.

“What is it?” asked Liz.

In the night sky, their stood above them a man dressed in a white robe.

‘He’s so beautiful,’ thought Mary.

From his head to his feet, the man glowed with a light that was all around him.  But it was his face that shone the most, revealing a man with smooth, perfect skin and long light brown hair that seemed to flow from out of his head.

‘That is some robe he is wearing,’ thought John as he tried to figure out what he was seeing.

The white robe which the man wore shined brightly.  It was like it was whitened by bleach that was a thousand times stronger than any bleach on Earth.

‘This can’t be…he was wings,’ thought Zach.

The two wings spanned well over ten feet across.  They were so bright that it was hard to see what they were made of.  ‘Those are clearly not feathers,’ Zach thought.

“Daniel, is that what I think it is?” asked Carrie.

“It is,” said Daniel, “It’s an angel.”

Liz went over to Mary.  “I can’t believe it…a real angel!”

“Yes,” said Mary dreamily, “He’s so…perfect.”

“John!  This can’t be real,” said Zach, “We must be dreaming.  Angels are not real.”

John pinched himself and smiled.  He grabbed Zach’s arm and pinched it also.

“Owww!!!  Why did you do that?” demanded Zach.

“I was just checking if we were dreaming,” said John.  He pinched himself again.  “No we are wide awake Zach, this is actually happening.”


‘What was that,’ thought Simon.

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