A Banquet for the Lord Part 2

My feast awaits the coming of the Lord,

To my Christ, I have made a banquet.

Wonderful drinks have been prepared,

The food has been cooked well done.

Then a slow tap I hear at the door,

A soft knocking my ears did catch.

Before me stood a mother with child,

A starved babe and hollowed women cried to me,

“We have not eaten for many days,”

“Every door has shown no compassion.”

“Please let us have a morsel of the Lord’s table,”

“Just a trifle of the King’s plate is all we ask.”

Their sorrow filled me with compassion,

With love, I invited them to feast.

I filled their plates with choicest foods,

Their cups I refilled until they were full.

Generously, I placed food into bags for them,

Eagerly, I gave them milk and water for the road.

She thanked me for the love I shown her,

With tears of joy, she praised the Almighty.

As she leaves, I wait for my guest,

With eagerness, I watch for the Lord Jesus.

 Will the Lord come to the banquet prepared for Him.  This narrative poem will continue next Wednesday.  May the Lord bless you.


One thought on “A Banquet for the Lord Part 2

  1. So beautiful and heart touching. We all can prepare so much thinking somebody on a white horse will come knocking at the door and all God wants us is to give our best to simple people, broken people, prisoners, widows, fatherless and mainly the unlovable. Serving people from whom we will never be able to expect anything back is the banquet we prepare for our Coming King. Wow! So blessed by this.


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