After the Angel


The angel, which appeared to the shepherds and the Bible Jumpers announces the coming of Jesus Christ.  After proclaiming his message, the angel disappeared in a flash.

Author’s Note:

Feel free to leave any comments in the comments boxes and don’t forget to vote on the title of this book.  God Bless.

“He said the Town of David,” John finally said.  “Where’s that?”

“I think that’s another name for Bethlehem,” said Carrie.

“Yes, Bethlehem was the place where King David was born,” said Daniel.

“Praise God for his Mercy,” shouted Reuben, “For He fulfills His promises.”

“It can’t be,” said Amos still in shock, “Can it be true?  Has the Messiah has come?”

“It is true my young friend,” said Reuben as he placed his hands on Amos’s shoulders.  “The Messiah has come and God has sent his angels to tell us.”

Amos smiled at Reuben and turned to the other shepherds, “Come my friends.  Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”

The shepherds nodded their heads and followed Amos and Reuben towards the lights that led to Bethlehem.

“But…what about the sheep?” asked Zach.

Reuben turned to Zach.  “The fire will keep the wild beast away.  Come with us friends.  For God has revealed His Hope to all of us.”  Then he turned around and followed the other shepherds into the darkness.

“Well… what are we waiting for,” said John with a smile, “Let’s go see baby Jesus.”

“Yes Daniel, let’s go,” pleaded Mary.

Daniel smiled, “Alright…follow me.  And stay close.”

The Bible Jumpers went towards the distant lights of Bethlehem.

“How far do you think it is?” Carrie asked Daniel.

“A mile and a half at least,” he said.

“Do you think you can handle that Zach?” asked John.

“You needn’t worry about me,” said Zach with a smile, “I’m more worried about you.  If I remember right, during P.E, you failed your mile run test.”

“It was muddy the day before,” said John.  He smiled at Zach.  “Zach, you are finally loosening up.”

Carrie went to the girls.  “How are you two doing since we arrived.”

“How we are doing?” asked Liz in shock.

“Carrie, we just traveled in time, met some shepherds, and saw an angel,” said Mary.

“Now we are going to see the baby Jesus!” said Liz.

“We are having the time of our lives,” said Mary.

“Yes, thank you for inviting us,” said Liz.

“You’re welcome,” said Carrie.  ‘But I feel that this is just the beginning,’ she thought.

Behind the girls, Carrie saw Simon, he eyes staring at the ground, walking very slowly.  ‘He’s going to be left behind!’

She placed her hand on his shoulder.  Simon looked up at her.  His face was pale.

“What’s wrong?” asked Carrie.

“The batteries in my ear piece died,” said Simon.

“When did that happen?”

“Right after the angel appeared,” said Simon.  “I heard it crackle and then I couldn’t understand what Amos and Reuben were saying.”

Carrie smiled, “I’m sure Daniel has an extra one.”

“Yeah…but… that isn’t what’s bothering me,” said Simon.

“What is it then?” she asked worriedly.

“Even though my ear piece died…when the angel spoke…,” his eyes widened, “he spoke in perfect English!”


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