If My People…Pray (Part 1)

Brittle Clay

They tell me Lord that when I pray
Only one voice is heard;
That I am dreaming, You’re not there,
This whole thing is absurd.

Maybe they’re right, Lord, maybe they’re right;
Only one voice is heard.
But if only one voice is heard,
Lord, it’s not mine, it’s your voice.
I’m not dreaming; you’re the dreamer
And I am your dream.

– C. S. Lewis (Letters to Malcom)

Have you ever wondered why we pray? Maybe you’ve pondered the question of what prayer even means. Whether you have or haven’t, take a moment to think of this question, why does God call us to pray?

For a lot of us, prayer is that privilege some people have of asking God whatever they want and He grants it. The holier you are, the more likely it is for your prayer to be answered.

For others, prayer is a talking to…

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