If My People…Pray (Part 2)

Brittle Clay

Some of you may remember that small chorus that goes like this, “Read your Bible, pray everyday if you want to grow.” Remember it?

We don’t sing it anymore, of course, because we dismiss it as a ‘Sunday School Song’; it’s for children only, right?

I don’t know which passage or Bible reference was used for the foundation of that song but I want to talk to you about a little child who proved the reality of it.
This little boy was born to a poor family who had little besides their love to offer him. He was kind, compassionate, gentle and loving. One day, on a very long trip from their village to the main city, fatigue got the better of this boy’s parents; so much so that they started making their way back home without him. Alone in the crowds, this boy did something most boys his age…

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