The Works of Christ proves HIS Deity

Magnificent Obsession

This morning I want to refocus each of your attention to the divine works of Christ which proves His Deity. Let’s center our hearts in the Lord this morning and give him the glory and honor.

A.Creation: There is ample information to show that Christ was an integrated part of the creation of Genesis one and two. Paul in Colossians mentions this as a bold fact of life, while John seems to be quite plain in his meaning as well in John one.

Colossians 116, “For by him were all things created….”
John 13,10 “All things were made by him….” and “…the world was made by him….”

B. Preservation: The creation was not left to maintain its own way through the ages. The design of creation was such that there would be need of maintenance and that labor was for Christ to undertake.

Colossians 117, “…and by…

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