Jesus Takes a Stroll

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Matthew 14:22-36

This is a familiar story; actually it serves as the ending of the story of the feeding of the 5,000, connected as it is with the previous passage. Since it is a familiar narrative, and since you have a link to the text to refresh your recollection, let’s just talk about the story for a bit; grab a cup of coffee, and let’s chat…

This is not the first story about Jesus, the disciples and a boat on the Lake that we have seen in Matthew’s narrative, and it is inexorably linked with the story we have seen already in chapter 8. Look at the similarities:

In both scenes, the disciples are afraid (8:26 cf. 14:26). In both scenes, Jesus says they are of little faith (8:26 cf. 14:31). In 8:25, they called upon Jesus to “save us”; and in 14:30, Peter calls on Jesus to save him…

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