Why should you Memorize the Bible?


This Sunday the senior pastor preached on Psalm 1 and highlighted the importance of Bible memorization.  He focused on verse 2 specifically about how a blessing comes from delighting ourselves in the word of God, and that memorization yields fruit that never withers away.  He contrasted this with a maple tree that had been planted in his backyard 100 years ago.  One day when the pastor was gazing at the tree’s immensity and beauty, he observed a part of its leaves and branches were severely withered in comparison to the rest.  Sure enough, the disease quickly spread to other parts of the tree over a short span of a few weeks.  After calling the city to investigate, the inspector arrived and got to work.  He gave the pastor a sad frown and said, ‘I’m sorry but this tree has to be cut down immediately, we’ll have a crew come in…

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