A Banquet for the Lord Part 3

My heart longs to dine with the Lord,

Oh, how my soul desires to see my Christ.

The plates are neatly on the table,

In perfect order is the silverware placed.

My ears then caught a sound at the door,

Quickly, I went to see who was knocking.

Before me stood a hollow thin man,

An empty shell stood at the door.

His eyes were sunken from no sleep,

His hands shook from years of abuse.

He tells me of his years of drug use,

But praises God for helping him be clean.

The smell of the feast drew him to me,

The banquet’s aroma called to him.

My heart sings for his recovery,

For his salvation, my soul shouts.

I invite him to partake of the dinner,

The Lord’s supper, I offer all to him.

He has his fill and is satisfied,

With praise, he eats and drinks.

As he departs, he thanks me warmly,

With tears, he leaves praising the Lord.

As he leaves, I wait for my guest,

With eagerness, I watch for the Lord Jesus.

 Will the Lord come to the banquet prepared for Him.  This narrative poem will continue next Wednesday.  May the Lord bless you.

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