You Think You Have Problems?

Write It On My Heart

YOU THINK YOU HAVE PROBLEMS?  THE LORD gave us this illustration about Job.

  • He was rich and threw big parties.
  • He pleased God.
  • He was attacked by Satan.
  • Tragedy struck and he lost everything.
  • In it all, Job didn’t sin, and blessed God to boot.
  • But then he lost his health and got stinking boils all over his body.
  • His wife began to bug him and said, “Why don’t you just curse God and die.”  Nice woman, huh?
  • Job kept his mouth shut. Smart guy.
  • Job, being human, teetered on the edge of despondency and said, “What I ALWAYS FEARED has finally happened.” There’s a lesson here.
  • To top it off, his fair weather friend, Eliphaz, claimed he got a secret message from a spirit and Job’s hair stood on end (scared spitless). Of course it was bad news. They never bring good news.
  • Job’s other friends also chimed in…

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