In the Desert


After reflecting on their last Bible Jumps, the group proceed to their next destination which in the Judean desert near the Jordan River.

Author’s Note:

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“Man, it’s so hot,” said Simon as he wiped his forehead.

The Bible Jumpers have walked for 30 minutes, and the oppressive sun beat down on them with every step they took.

“Hey relax Simon,” said John, “It’s just a dry heat.”

“You’re not helping,” said Simon.

John shrugged, “Sorry man, I guess I’m trying to keep my mind off the heat.”

“Is it working?” asked Simon.

“Not really.”

“How far is the river now?” asked Liz.

“We’re almost to the trees,” said Daniel.

“I don’t think I can make it,” said Zach.  He tripped on a stone and stumbled onto the hot sand.

“Hold on Zach,” said Simon, “We’re coming!”  Simon and John rushed to him.  Delicately, the two boys lifted Zach off the ground, holding him up with their shoulders.

“Is he alright?” asked Daniel.

Simon touched Zach’s cheek.  “I think he has heat exhaustion.”

“Bring him over here.”

Daniel took out a bottle made out of animal skin.  Everyone gathered around Zach and Daniel.  “Zach, drink this…Slowly…not too fast.”

“Is he going to be okay?” asked Liz.

Daniel nodded, “We need to get him to the shade of the trees.  Simon…John, can you carry him?”

The two boys nodded.  “Okay, let’s get going.  We’re almost there,” said Daniel.

10 agonizing minutes passed before they reached the edge of the trees.

“Boys, let me have him,” said Daniel to John and Simon.  With Zach in his arms, Daniel quickly headed into the trees.  Gently, he laid him against one of the cool tree trunks.  He took out the bottle again, splashed some of the water in his hands and began patting Zach’s cheeks with the refreshing water.

“Zach, are you okay?” asked Daniel.

Zach slowly opened his eyes and smiled weakly.  “I feel better now.”

Daniel gave him the bottle.  “Take another sip but don’t drink too much.”

“How’s Zach?” asked Liz as the rest of the Bible Jumpers entered the shade.

“He’s going to be fine,” said Daniel, “Let’s take a break everybody.”

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