A Kingdom Without Walls

Vapors In The Wind

People like walls. Walls make people feel safe. People have formed the impression that by keeping Them out, letting Them be with Their own kind, and by keeping Us sheltered inside, everybody can live in peace and harmony. As long as everybody stays on their own side of the wall, everything will be okay. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that simply. People never stay where they are put. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Mimetic desire is rooted deep in the fabric of the human psyche; there is always the suspicion that somebody somewhere else might have a bigger or better piece of the pie. And they are not sharing. Much of what constitutes leadership nowadays seems to consist of persuading people that Others want Our pie (Our pie is demonstrably superior and so We have no need to covet our neighbour’s pie), or…

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