At The River


After their long journey through the desert and resting under a shade of trees, the Bible Jumpers finally reach the Jordan River.

Author’s Note:

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“My feet are killing me,” said Liz as she rubbed her feet.  “I would give anything for a foot spa.”

“Hey Liz, do you hear that?” asked Mary.

Liz listened, “It sounds like a river.”

“It must be the Jordan,” said Mary, “I have an idea, let’s go down to the river to cool our feet.”

“Hey Daniel,” said Liz, “Do you think it’s safe to go put our feet in the Jordan.

“I don’t see why not,” said Daniel.

“Why don’t we all go?” asked Carrie.

“Zach, do you think you’re up to going to the river?” asked John.

Zach stood up.  “Let’s go.”

The rushing sound of the river grew stronger as they left the trees.  Upon leaving the shade, the Bible Jumpers stood upon a sandy beach, which led to the river itself.

“I wonder how cold it is,” said Zach.

“There is only one way to find out,” said Mary.  She crossed the hot sand until she was at the river’s edge.     Mary took off her sandals and tested the water.  She smiled and turned to the others, “The water’s just fine!”

Following Mary’s lead, the others crossed the sands, took off their sandals and dipped their feet into the Jordan.

“Wow,” exclaimed Liz, “Who needs the spa.”  With her feet still in the water, she sat down on the wet sand and lied down.

The others also lied down, shielding their eyes from the sun with one of their arms.

“This is…heaven,” sighed Simon.

Zach suddenly sat up, “Aren’t there snakes in the river?”

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” said Daniel as he sat up, “If we don’t bother them, they won’t bother us.”

John leaned on his elbows.  “Man, if I had some sun tan lotion, I can really get a tan.”

“I can assure you John,” said Zach, “No amount of lotion can darken that pale skin of yours.”

John’s mouth dropped.  “Zach, was that another joke?”  Zach smiled and lied back down.  John smiled, “I guess anything is possible when you’re Bible Jumping.”

“So Daniel,” said Simon, “Now that we are at the Jordan, where do we go from here?”

“We’ll follow the river bank until we get to where we need to be.”

“But which way do we go,” asked Carrie, “There’s no one here.”

“It’s not like we can use a GPS,” said John.

“I’m not sure,” admitted Daniel, “But I believe God will show us the way.”

“Hello there strangers,” said a strange voice that was to the right of them.

Everyone turned to see who it was.

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