A Banquet for the Lord Part 4

My feast awaits its divine guest,

The Lord does the dinner wait for.

A pure white cloth is over the table,

The smell of flowers is in the air.

Then a banging is heard at the door,

Frantically, I turned the knob.

In front of me stood a menacing man,

A man of shadows is at the door.

He is man set free from his bondage,

Out of prison was he just released.

In his wandering, he smelled the feast,

His hunger drove him to my door.

Softly, he asks for a sampling of the meal,

Humbly, he desires for just a morsel.

With a bow, I let him partake of the feast,

Encouragingly, I urge him to have his fill.

With tears, the man eats of the dinner,

Between each bite, he sobs with joy.

With his belly full, he thanks me brightly,

Beaming with light, he praises the Almighty.

As he leaves in peace, I wait for my Savior,

With anticipation, I seek the Lord Jesus.

Will the Lord come to the banquet prepared for Him.  This narrative poem will conclude next Wednesday.  May the Lord bless you.

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