Haggai 2 – The Humility to Learn and the Courage to Speak

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Haggai 2 Bible with Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Forest MintToday’s ChocolateEndangered Species Dark Chocolate with Forest Mint

Today’s PassageHaggai 2

When you’re a prophet of the Lord, the word of the Lord comes to you. It’s what you do. Well, it’s not so much what you do as what happens to you. But then you go to the people and tell them the word of the Lord. Unless you’re Jonah, in which case you have to get caught in a storm at sea and swallowed by a fish before you’ll get up and do your job. But Haggai isn’t Jonah.

In the first chapter, Haggai gets one message from the Lord (and of course now I’m imagining an RPG-style text box: “Obtained one Message from the Lord!”). In the second chapter, three more distinct messages from God come to the prophet. The first is basically an encouragement to the builders as they reconstruct the temple–a…

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