A Banquet for the Lord Part 5

Time passes as I wait on my God,

Anxiously, I long to see my Lord.

Then a soft knock is heard at the door,

From the entrance came a single tap.

The Savior is before me as the door opens,

My heart sings as I invite my Christ in.

But when I turn to the table my soul freezes,

My heart drops as I behold the Divine Feast.

The plates of food are now only crumbs,

Mere drops are left in the glasses.

I fall to my knees in sobs,

With great wailing, I kneel to the ground.

“Why do you weep?” asked the Lord,

To comfort me, He touched my shoulder.

I declare that my feast to Him was gone,

The dinner I prepared for Him was no more.

“Yes,” says the Lord, “And I enjoyed it.”

“The meal was wonderful,” He declares.

“What do mean?” I asked my Christ,

Confused I was at Jesus’s answer.

“I was the poor man you fed,”

“The mother and children you gave, I was.”

“I was the sober man which you showed grace,”

“The convict you gave love, I was He.”

“I was hungry and you fed me,”

“Empty I was, and you satisfied me.”

He took hold of my hand and smiled,

With nail scarred hand, He led me to the table.

Throughout the night, we talked with each other,

We had fellowship and were both satisfied.

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