The Harvest Principle

Daily Thankful

The principle of the harvest really resonates with me, and is evident all throughout the Bible. It’s not karma or anything (I definitely don’t believe in that!), but the principle of the harvest is 100% biblical. Additionally, I believe that this principle impacts everyone – whether you are a Christian or not.

I find that looking at nature is illustrative of so many things. A farmer plants some seeds, and then waters them each day. What does he get?

Whatever he planted, and lots of it, too! That which is true for the farmer is also true for us as well.

Rather than getting all emotionally mixed up about what kind of harvest you’re expecting, why not focus on the kinds of seeds that you are planting (and watering) instead?

Remember: it’s all how you look at things. Happy planting!

Dear Lord, please remind me to tend my own garden:…

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