Bruised Reed

2015-11-25 14.38.33.jpg Maruyama Park – Osaka, Japan

I look unto myself..
How could I have become so tamed..
Where did all the rage go?
How could I lose my sense of anger so abruptly..
Whilst enduring unimaginable torments of sudden, unexplained abandonment..

Why is it so?
That I choose to hide behind calculated words..
An enforced silence that reflects not the roaring ocean that is in my soul..
All the “I’m fines” and “All goods” that I uttered..
How far from reality does my mirror equivalent have to go through..
Waking up, acting as if everything’s fine, talking with family and colleagues as if nothing is happening behind the scenes of my frail existence..

I look unto you, my Sweetness..
Everyday my questions fade into the gap that you’ve chosen to bring about between us..
Teary eyed, I’m perplexed but can’t bring this into adequate words..
I want to run away from…

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