When God Breaks His Silence

Bible Prayer Fellowship

freely-34295Abram, that great man of faith, experienced 13 years when God was silent. They were bitter years of rivalry between Sarah and her maid, Hagar, who had given birth to a son of Abram named Ishmael. Sarah herself had urged her husband to beget a son by Hagar. It was the custom of the day for childless wives to give their maid to their husbands for this need. She and Abram had waited 11 years for God to fulfill His promise of a son. Finally, when old age made it impossible for Sarah to have a son, she urged Abram to beget a son by Hagar. So he did. The consequences of his unbelief were 13 years of envy, jealousy, rivalry and pride that kept the fires of bitter strife boiling in his household.

During those 13 years there was no encouraging word from the Lord. At the fork in…

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