Take the First Step

Little Ol' Me

A couple weeks ago, I was doing my devotions before bed and asking God for guidance in my life, and asking for the right direction for me to follow.
The response I got kind of threw me off.

Me: Please God, show me the right path to go down.
God: But will you take the path I put before you?

This hit me hard. I hadn’t realised that this was ultimately my decision.
I thought he could just lay it out all for me and say, “There you go, have a nice stroll!” (how ignorant and naive was that?!)

I’ve been over here asking over and over again for God to push me in the right direction, but what I was really wanting was for him to shove me the whole way.
I didn’t want to actually have to make the decision! I wanted to have the easy way out (knowing…

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