The Greatest Danger to Our Soul: It’s Alright.


What is it?

It’s blinding
It’s easy to measure
It misses the point
It kills our soul
Steals our joy
Places us where we ought not to be
And accomplishes it’s goal–which is to blind us.

The scariest people I have ever seen are the ones that are always alright. They got it altogether. They have cute jobs, nice cars, great houses, cute clothes, and perfect kids. They always talk nice, look nice, and are pleasant. You never hear an unkind word, sense any anger, or prejudice. They attend every church event, school activity, volunteer in the community, and skip around the house smiling and enjoying life. It’s all alright.

They don’t talk about really blunt things to anyone. They don’t complain about their husband, admit how they hate cleaning, and make their kids fend for themselves once in a while. They don’t ever gossip, or tell the truth for…

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