Meeting the Boy


The Bible Jumpers enter what looks like an abandoned fishing village, but a murmur of people can be heard from the beach.  As they go to investigate they meet a boy. 

Author’s Note:

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A small boy in a light brown tunic suddenly appeared from out of one of the houses carrying a bundle in his hand.  He paused when he saw the Bible Jumpers.

“Hello there,” said Daniel.

“Hello,” said the boy nervously as they came closer.

“Don’t be afraid,” said Carrie.

The boy looked about seven or eight years old.  His brown eyes looked anxiously at all the people coming towards him.

Simon knelt beside him.  “My name is Simon, what’s your name?”

“Joshua,” said the boy.

“Nice to meet you,” said Simon.  He placed his hand on Joshua’s dark brown hair and smiled.

Tension left Joshua’s body and he smiled, “Have you also come to see him?”

“See who?” asked John.

“Jesus of Nazareth,” he said, “He came to our village this morning.”

“Where is he?” asked Mary.

“Over there,” said Joshua pointing to the beach.

“Is that where everyone is?” asked Zach.

Joshua nodded, “When news came that he was here, every person from every town came.  The town was so full of people, that Jesus commanded that a boat be given to him, so that he could teach from the sea.”

“If Jesus is at the beach, why are you here?” asked Carrie.

Joshua smiled, “I got hungry, so I went back home to get some food.”  He patted the loaf of bread in his arms.

“Where are your parents?” asked Daniel.

“They’re listening to Jesus speak,” said Joshua, “If you want, I can take you to see him.”

“We would love that,” said Simon standing up.

“Okay, follow me,” said Joshua as he led the Bible Jumpers towards the beach.

Even before they reached the edge of town, the Bible Jumpers met a crowd of people that were so close together that it was impossible to get through.

“Do you think we can get through?” asked Zach.

Joshua shook his head.  “It gets worse as you get closer to the shore.”

“Now what?” asked Liz.

“This way,” said Joshua.  The young guide led them away from the crowd through an alleyway until they reached a staircase that was attached outside of a two-story house at the edge of town.

“Is this a good idea Joshua?” asked John.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “This is my Uncle’s house.  I do this all the time.”  With a smile, Joshua raced up the stairs.

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