Thanksgiving 2017

Tale Told

Happy Thanksgiving, and may God bless you this holiday. The deepest joy is reserved for those who can be thankful through the ups and downs of life, and in this observation of thanksgiving I find no end to the wondrous gifts I’ve enjoyed. Though this is a little off the tone of my usual posts, I intend to list the things for which I give thanks this day.

  • For the love of God
  • For the love of family
  • For a warm and welcoming home
  • For friends
  • For an old, faithful dog who still wags its tail like a puppy when I come home
  • For a cat that reserves its affections almost exclusively to me
  • For a technologically enriched world where I can have almost any music I want to listen to instantly
  • For the smiles of children
  • For my wealth of books
  • For my reawakened wonder
  • For moments of peace

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