The Healing


The Bible Jumpers stand on top of the roof of a building and are amazed by the huge crowd that has come to hear Jesus speak.  Before Jesus began His teaching, someone cries for Jesus’s help.

Author’s Note:

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Two men, wearing tattered black robes with their heads covered, approached the crowd.  “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on us!”

The crowd saw them.  “Unclean…lepers…they are unclean.  Go away…you are unclean…go away you lepers!”

“Jesus, son of David, have mercy on us,” the men continued to say as they got closer to Jesus.  The crowd kept their distance as they came near.

“Who are those men?” asked Liz.

“They are lepers,” said Joshua flatly.

“What’s a leper?” asked Liz.

“A person who has the fatal skin disease leprosy,” said Daniel.

“Why are the people afraid of them?” asked Mary.

“They are unclean,” said Joshua.

“What does that mean,” asked John, “Are you saying they need to take a bath?”

Joshua shook his head.  “According to the Law of Moses, any person who has leprosy is considered unclean before God.”

“Okay,” said John.

“When one is unclean, they are not allowed to enter the synagogue to worship,” said Joshua, “They are also forbidden to come back to town as long as they are unclean.”

“That’s terrible,” said Mary.

Joshua looked at the lepers.  “They should not be here.  Why are they here?”

The two lepers finally reached the shore, right in front of the boat.  “Lord, if you are willing, you can make us clean,” they cried.

Jesus lifted his right hand.  “I am willing…be clean.”

The lepers fell to the ground before Jesus.

“What are they doing?” asked Liz.

Suddenly, the two men stood up and took off the tattered robes they wore.

“It’s a miracle!” exclaimed Joshua.

Although they were far away, the Bible Jumpers could see that the skin of two men was completely healed.  The crowd murmured excitedly.

“It’s a miracle from God!”

“Praise God for His mercy!”

“Blessed be the Son of David!”

The two healed men bowed before Jesus repeatedly. “Now go show yourselves to the priests,” said Jesus.  After bowing one more time, the men went into the crowd.  The people made a path for them, and then they were gone.

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