Being Fruitful


Daniel explains the meaning of Jesus’s parable.  However some of the Bible Jumpers still have some questions about what it means to be fruitful to God.

Author’s Note:

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“Yeah, what do you mean by being fruitful,” asked John, “Are you saying that we have to grow apples and bananas?”

“I don’t think he means that,” said Zach.

“It’s a metaphor John,” said Mary. “Isn’t it Daniel?”

Daniel smiled, “Of course it’s a metaphor.”

“Well, what is it a metaphor of?” asked Simon.

“To be fruitful is to follow the commands of God with a sincere heart,” said Daniel.

“Alright,” said Simon, “But why do we have to be sincere?  I mean, can’t we just do it just because God told us to?”

“Let me ask you something,” said Daniel.  “When someone tells you to do something because they said so, are you likely to do what they say?”

“Good point,” said Simon.

“We obey God, not because He asks us to, but out of appreciation for what He is to us and what He has done for us,” said Daniel, “When we obey God in this way, we are able to produce good deeds that are fueled by our love for God.  This is what it means to be fruitful.”

“So to be fruitful means to obey God’s commands?” asked John.

“That sounds very difficult,” said Zach.

“Why do you say that?” asked Liz.

“Well, think about it,” said Zach, “In all your life, have you completely obeyed your parents?”

Liz thought about it, “Not all the time no.”

“So, if we can’t obey our parents all the time, how can we obey God all the time?”

“That’s a good question,” said Daniel, “And the answer is we can’t.”

“We can’t?” asked Simon.

Daniel nodded, “Because of the sin that dwells within us, it is impossible for us to obey God and be fruitful.”

“Then how can we be fruitful?” asked Zach.

“Only when we believe in Jesus can we be fruitful,” said Daniel.

“What does Jesus have to do with being fruitful?” asked Carrie, “I thought you said that only by obeying God’s commands can we be fruitful.”

“When we believe in Jesus, we are given the ability to obey God’s commands and become fruitful to Him,” said Daniel.

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