The Road to Bethany


After their discussion about being fruitful to God, the Bible Jumpers get ready for their next Bible Jump which takes them a few miles from the town of Bethany.

Author’s Note:

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“Hey Mary, I got another one,” said John. “How come cows use bells?”

Mary groaned, “Okay… why do cows use bells?”

“Because their horns don’t work!”

Everyone groaned.

“Oh come on,” said John, “That was a good one!”

“I don’t know which was worst,” said Zach, “The first joke or the last one.”

John thought about it.  “Okay, here’s another one… a real whopper!”

“John…enough with the jokes please!” exclaimed Simon.  “You have said five already since we been on the road, and each one was cornier than the first.”

“It’s a good thing no one else is around to hear them,” said Liz, “They would probably throw stones at us to make you stop.”

John’s head dropped.

“Keep practicing John,” said Daniel, “You’ll get better at it.”

“Yeah sure,” said John glumly.

Mary placed her hand on his shoulder.  “Personally, I think that cow joke was your best one,” she whispered, “Thank you for sharing it with me.  It was really funny.”

“You’re just saying that,” said John.

“No, I really mean it,” said Mary.

John turned to her and their eyes met.

“You DO mean it…don’t you,” said John.

Mary smiled, “You are really funny… and very cute.”  John’s eyes widened as she kissed him on the cheek.

“You think I’m cute?” asked John.

Mary blushed and nodded.

“Well…confidentially,” said John, “I think you’re gorgeous.  I always did.”

“You’re just saying that because I said that you’re cute,” said Mary.

“I don’t kid around with things like that,” said John.

Mary’s eyes widened, “You’re serious?”

John nodded, “I’m very serious.  When it comes to things like that, I’m always serious… I…really…”

Mary put her finger over his lips and smiled, “I feel the same way.  When all this is over, we should hang out and talk over some Starbucks.”

John nodded and smiled, “As long as you’re buying.”

Mary’s face went red and she punched him in the arm, “John!”

“Hey, I was just kidding,” he said.

Mary shook her head and smiled.  They walked side by side on the road heading to Bethany.  John reached for Mary’s hand and held it.  Mary squeezed his hand tightly and smiled.

A cool morning breeze blew in from the fields.  A flock of birds cried out as they flew through the skies above the Bible Jumpers.  “It’s a very nice morning,” said Simon.

Carrie nodded and looked around.  “You would think that we would’ve met someone by now.”

“I know,” said Simon, “We’ve been on the road for at least twenty minutes and we haven’t seen so much as a flock of sheep.”

“Any ideas where everyone is Daniel?” asked Carrie.

Daniel shook his head.  “We’ll probably find out when we get to Bethany.”

“How far do you think it is?” asked Zach.

Liz pointed, “I see it.”

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