At the Tomb


The Bible Jumpers pay their respects to Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus.  Then one of Jesus’s disciples, Andrew, appears and announces that Jesus has arrived.  The sisters go out to meet Him.

Author’s Note:

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“Please…excuse me,” said Daniel as he navigated through the crowd of lamenters who were standing in front of Lazarus’s tomb.  “Stay close everybody,” said Daniel, “We’re almost there…”  Finally, the Bible Jumpers reached the front of the crowd.

John looked at the tomb.  “I was kind of expecting a cemetery or something.” Lazarus’s body was in a cave which was at the base of a grassy hill.  At the mouth of the cave was a giant circular stone which sealed the opening shut.  In front of the tomb stood Jesus with Mary and Martha standing on His right and His disciples on His left.

“It was quite common in this time period for families to bury their loved ones in caves,” said Zach, “It was sort of like a family tomb which members of the family would be placed in when they died.  This would probably be the same place where Martha and…”

“Okay Zach, we get the point,” interrupted Mary.

John shrugged, “Personally, I prefer to be cremated when I die.”

“Why is that?” asked Mary.

“The idea of being buried six feet underground where my body is being eaten up by worms gives me the creeps.”

“I can imagine,” shuddered Mary.

“But with cremation, my body is burned up to ashes, which are then placed in a jar for all to see.”

“Very nice,” said Mary trying not to gag.

“What do you prefer,” asked John, “Burial or cremation?”

Mary took a deep breath, “I try not to think about it.”

“Why not?” asked John.

“Because its morbid that’s why!” exclaimed Mary.  “Why are you thinking about this?”

“I don’t know,” said John, “Maybe being around death makes me think about it.”  Then John smiled, “Or… maybe I know this kind of talk gets a rise out of you.”

Mary smiled and pushed John flirtingly, “You’re a jerk, you know that.”

“The best there is,” said John.

“Simon how are you?” asked Carrie.

Tears were streaming down his face as he turned to Carrie.  “It’s just like my Dad’s funeral.”

Simon looked at the crowd behind him.  “Hundreds of people came to his memorial.  My Mom and I sat for hours as people came one by one to give their sympathies.”

“You must really miss him,” said Carrie.

Simon nodded, “I thought I was over it.  But after the things that we have seen, I guess I really hadn’t.”

“Maybe that’s why you are on this journey,” said Carrie, “To find closure.”

“Maybe,” he shrugged.  Simon looked at Jesus.  ‘Is that the reason why you brought me here?’

Just then Zebulun and Issachar appeared from the crowd of mourners.

“Did you see how Jesus wept for Lazarus?” Zebulun asked Issachar.

Issachar nodded.

“See how he loved him,” added Zebulun as he looked at Jesus.

Issachar shook his head, “Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man have kept this man from dying?”

Zebulun nodded in agreement.

Simon leaned towards Carrie, “Those guys are getting on my nerves.  Let’s go.”

With Simon and Carrie leading the way, the Bible Jumpers broke free of the crowd and got closer to Jesus.

“Is this a good idea?” asked Zach, “I mean, maybe we should give them some privacy.”

“It’s better than listening to those two Pharisees,” said Liz, “I really don’t like them.”

“How come?” asked Zach.

“Because they’re poser brainers,” said Liz.

“Poser brainers?” asked Zach.

“Yes…they think they are so smart because they read so much about their religion.  But with all of their knowledge, they still don’t get who Jesus is,” said Liz.

Zach’s face turned red, “Do you think that I’m a poser brainer?”

Liz’s eyes widened, “Oh no Zach, you’re not like them.”

“But I’ve read a lot and learned many things,” said Zach, “What makes me different than they?”

Liz smiled, “Unlike them, when you talk about something that you’ve read about, you actually know what you are talking about.  These guys don’t.”

Zach smiled, “Thank you Liz.”

The Bible Jumpers were five feet from Jesus when he turned to Martha and said, “Take away the stone.”

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