Into the City


The Bible Jumpers begin their fifth Bible jump which took them outside the walls of Jerusalem.

Author’s Note:

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“Holy smokes!” exclaimed John, “Look at the size of these walls!”

“So, this is Jerusalem,” said Zach as he looked up and down the city walls.

“Yes,” said Daniel, “The city of kings.”

“It’s a lot bigger than Bethlehem or Bethany,” said Liz.

“It’s very beautiful,” said Mary.  The white stone which made up the walls seemed to shine as the sun reflected on its surface.

“I see the gate over there,” said Simon pointing left of the wall.

“Let’s go,” said Carrie.

“Where is everybody?” asked John as they went through the gate and into the city.  Their footsteps echoed against stone that was beneath them.

“It’s the middle of the day,” remarked Zach, “It’s too quiet.”

“Maybe they all decided to take a nap?” asked John.

“Let’s keep going,” said Daniel.

“Are you okay Daniel?” asked Mary.

“You’ve been acting weird since we arrived here,” said Liz.

Daniel smiled weakly, “I’m fine, let’s keep going.”

“Carrie, I have a bad feeling about this,” said Mary.

“I’m sure it’s okay,” she said, “Let’s follow Daniel.”

Nothing but silence greeted the Bible Jumpers as they journeyed deeper into the city.

“What on earth is that?” exclaimed John as he pointed to the massive building that was to his right.

The building was surrounded by a stone wall which had stone towers on each corner.  Within the walls was a giant stone building that rose above the city walls.

“It’s magnificent,” said Zach in awe.

“What is this place Daniel?” asked Mary.

“It’s the Temple of God,” said Daniel.

“The Temple of God?” asked Liz.

Daniel nodded, “It was the place where the Jewish people came to worship God.”

“So, it’s like a church,” said Carrie.

“More like a Mega-Church,” said Simon.

Daniel smiled, “You could say that.  Let’s keep going.”

After passing the temple they came upon another large building.

“What is this place?” asked John.

“It’s looks like a fortress,” said Mary.

“Who goes there?!”

Everyone froze.

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