The Crucifixion


The Bible Jumpers followed the blood trail to Golgotha.  The go up the hill in time to see three crosses being lifted up.  One of the men on the cross was Jesus.

Author’s Note:

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“Are you sure it’s him?” asked Carrie.

Simon nodded, “It is him.”

Jesus gasped in pain and lowered his head back down.

“I don’t understand,” said Mary, “Why are they killing him?”

“I don’t know,” said John, “It doesn’t make any sense.  I mean…from what I’ve seen of him on this trip, I don’t think he deserves something like this.”

“This is terrible John,” said Mary.  Mary sobbed and stood next to John.

“It’s okay,’ said John as he put his arm around her.

“I can’t imagine… how much pain he must be in,” said Zach.

“What do you mean?” asked Liz.

“Well…I read that in a crucifixion, the victim dies from suffocation,” said Zach.

“Suffocation?” asked Liz.

Zach nodded, “Having his arms stretched out like that in mid-air makes it very difficult to breathe…and even if he could use his feet to hold himself…”  Zach’s voice trailed off as tears streamed down his face and he fell to his knees sobbing.

Liz knelt beside him.  “He is such a good man,” sobbed Zach, “Why are they doing this?”

“What’s that soldier doing?” asked Simon pointing at the cross.

A Roman soldier placed a ladder on the crossbar of Jesus’s cross.  He climbed up the ladder and was right above Jesus’s head.  In his hands was a wooden board and a hammer.  Carefully, the soldier nailed the board above Jesus’s head and climbed back down.

“What does it say Daniel?” asked Carrie.

“It says, ‘This is Jesus, the King of the Jews,’” said Daniel.

“Aren’t you the Messiah?” cried out the criminal that was on Jesus’s left, “Save yourself and us!”

Jesus lifted his head and looked at the man and said nothing.

“Don’t you fear God,” rebuked the criminal on Jesus’s right, “Since you are under the same sentence?  We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve.  But this man has done nothing wrong.”

The man on the left snorted in disgust, winced in pain, and turned away from Jesus.

“Jesus,” said the man on the right, “Remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

Jesus turned to the man and smiled weakly, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”  Jesus moaned again and lowered his head.

“Why did he say that?” asked Simon.

“He was giving the man forgiveness,” said Daniel.

“But he’s a criminal,” said Carrie.

“True,” said Daniel.

“So why forgive him?” asked Simon.

“It’s what he does,” said Daniel.

“Stop, what are you doing?” asked one of the guards.  The Bible Jumpers looked to their right and they saw the soldier pointing his spear at a man and two women.

“Please sir,” said the man, “Have compassion and let us pass.”

“No one shall pass,” said the soldier.

“I beg you sir,” said the man motioning to the woman beside him, “This is his mother.”

The soldier’s face softened and he lowered his spear.

“Bless you sir,” said the man as they passed him and approached the cross.

“Mary…Jesus’s mother…” gasped Mary, “I can’t imagine what she’s feeling right now.”

Tears streaked down Mary’s face as she approached the base of her son’s cross.  Hesitantly, she reached up to touch his bloody feet, but Mary sobbed uncontrollably and fell to her knees.  The man and the other woman knelt beside her.

“I’ve seen that man before,” said John.

Daniel nodded, “It’s the apostle John.”

“But where are the others?” asked Zach.

“When they arrested Jesus, they all ran away,” said Daniel.

“Cowards,” said Simon, “They should’ve stayed with him.”

“If you saw a bunch of soldiers armed with swords and clubs coming to arrest your teacher and maybe you too, would you have stayed?” asked Daniel.

Simon shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Daniel nodded, “Neither would I.”

“Who is the other woman?” asked Liz.

“I think that’s Mary Magdalene,” said Daniel, “She was a follower of Jesus.  He healed her from demon possession.”

“Demon possession?” asked Liz.  She shuddered, “Can that happen?”

“Yes,” said Daniel.

Jesus lifted his head and saw his mother and his disciple. Mary wiped the tears from her bloodshot eyes.  Jesus smiled weakly at her, “Woman here is your son.”  Jesus looked at John, “Here is your mother.”

“Amazing,” said Daniel, “Even as he was dying, he wanted to make sure his mother was taken care of.”

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