Why Did it Happen?


The Bible Jumpers watched as Jesus died on the cross.  When He died, they returned to the time machine.

Author’s Note:

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“How could this happen?” asked John as they entered the time vehicle.  “Why did they kill Jesus?”

“It doesn’t make any sense,” said Zach as he sat down.

Liz went to her chair, put her hands on her face and sobbed, “He didn’t deserve to die.”

Mary came to her side, “I know Liz… I know.”

“Simon are you okay?” asked Carrie.

Simon sat silently in his chair with his arms crossed.  His face was tense.  ‘I’ve seen that before,’ thought Carrie.

Daniel shut the door behind him CLICK.

“Daniel!” exclaimed Simon, “Tell us, why did they kill Jesus?”

Daniel sighed and went to his chair.  “Last night, Jesus was arrested in Gethsemane, a garden that was outside of Jerusalem by the temple guards.”

“Why did they arrest him?” asked Zach.

“Because he was causing trouble for them,” said Daniel, “The Chief Priests and the Pharisees didn’t like the message he was teaching.”

“What was wrong with Jesus’s teachings?” asked John.

“There was nothing wrong with His message,” said Daniel, “His teachings followed which was written in God’s word.”

“Then why didn’t the Pharisees like his message?” asked Mary.

“Think about it Mary,” said Daniel.

Mary thought about, “Was it because…they didn’t follow God’s word as they should?”

Daniel nodded, “The Pharisees loved rules, but they didn’t follow them because they loved God.”

“That doesn’t answer my question Daniel,” snapped Simon, “Not liking someone’s message isn’t a good reason to kill someone.”

“Very true Simon,” said Daniel, “When the Chief Priests put Jesus on trial, they couldn’t find any evidence to put him to death.”

“So why did they kill him?” asked Carrie.

“Do you remember what the Pharisees were saying when Jesus was dying on the cross?” asked Daniel.

“Yes, I do,” said Carrie.

“What was one of the things they said that Jesus said of himself?” asked Daniel.

Everyone thought about it.

“That he was… the King of Israel?” asked John.

“That’s part of it,” said Daniel.

Simon uncrossed his arms, “He said that he was the Son of God.”

Daniel nodded, “To make such a claim was considered an act of blasphemy to the Chief Priests. Punishable by death.”

“Blasphemy?” asked John.

“Oh, I know what that word means,” said Zach, “It’s an act of disrespecting the name of God.”

“That’s correct,” said Daniel, “When Jesus said that, he was making himself equal with God.”

“How do the Roman soldiers figure into this?” asked Liz, “Why didn’t the Chief Priests kill Jesus themselves?”

“They didn’t have the authority to put someone to death,” said Daniel, “So, they went to the Roman Governor and accused Jesus of treason.”

“That’s where the claim that Jesus was the King of Israel comes in right?” asked John.

Daniel nodded, “But like in Jesus’s previous trial, the Governor had no evidence for the Priest’s accusations of him.”

“Then why didn’t he release him?” asked Mary.

“Remember what that guard said when the governor said he was setting Jesus free?” asked Daniel.

Mary nodded, “The crowd went crazy.”

“The governor was afraid that they would start a riot,” said Daniel, “So, he obeyed their wishes and had Jesus crucified.”

“So, what you’re saying is that Jesus was killed because he believed that he was the Son of God?” asked Simon.

Daniel shook his head, “I didn’t say that Jesus believed that he was the Son of God…He said he is the Son of God.”

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