In the Garden


After their discussion why Jesus was killed, the Bible Jumpers begin their final Bible jump.

Author’s Note:

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“It’s so beautiful,” said Liz as they exited the machine.

The birds chirped sweetly in the trees above them.  The sun’s rays shined through the leaves.  The flowers that were in the low bushes gave an aroma that was soothing.

“What is this place?” asked Mary.

“It looks like a garden,” said Carrie.

“Look over there,” said John as he pointed to a dirt path that went through the bushes and trees.

“Let’s go,” said Simon.

A cool breeze swept over the Bible Jumpers as the traveled the garden path.

“Daniel, what happened to Jesus’s body after it was taken down from the cross?” asked Zach.

“A disciple of Jesus named Joseph of Arimathea asked the Roman governor for his body,” said Daniel, “He took Jesus’s body and buried it in his own tomb.”

“Was it a tomb like Lazarus’s?” asked John.

“Yes,” said Daniel, “Except Jesus’s tomb was sealed and guarded.”

“Guarded… What for?” asked Simon.

“The Pharisees thought Jesus’s disciples would try to steal the body,” said Daniel.

“Why would they do that?” asked Zach.

“Maybe… to put him in his own tomb?” suggested John.

“What’s going on?!” exclaimed Mary.  The ground began to shake violently.

“Not this again,” said Liz.

“Hold on to something!” shouted Simon.

Everyone braced themselves to the nearest tree or bush.  Suddenly the shaking stopped and the birds resumed their song.

“That was all too weird,” said John.

“An earthquake after Jesus died and now one here?” asked Zach, “This can’t be a coincidence.”

“Wait…do you hear something?” asked Carrie.

Simon listened, “Sounds like someone’s coming.”

“Over there,” said Zach.

Three women were running down the path towards the Bible Jumpers.

“Watch out!” exclaimed John as he got out of the way of the first two women.

The third woman stopped in front of John.  “Please tell me where they took him?”

“Took who?” asked John.

“Jesus of Nazareth,” said the woman, “Where have they taken him?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Mary.

“We went to his tomb this morning to put spices on his body,” said the woman, “But when we got there, the stone was rolled away from the tomb.  We went inside and the body was gone.”

“Did you ask the guards where his body was?” asked Liz.

The woman shook her head, “The guards were in a deep sleep…We couldn’t wake them.”

The woman fell at John’s feet, “Please sir…tell me where they have taken him?”

John looked at Daniel.  “I’m sorry, but we don’t know where he is,” said Daniel.

The woman sniffled, “Maybe it is as the had angel said.”

“Angel?” asked Simon.

The woman nodded, “When we entered the tomb, we saw a man dressed in white.  He said, ‘You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified.  He is risen!  He is not here.  See the place where they laid him.’”

“Do you think it’s true?” asked Carrie.

“I don’t know,” said the woman as she stood up, “But I must go and tell the others.”  With a quick bow, she followed the other women down the garden trail.

“Could it be true?” asked Zach, “Could Jesus be alive?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” said Simon.  Immediately, he began to run up the path the women came from.

“Simon wait!” exclaimed Carrie.

“Hey, wait for me Simon!” shouted John as he pursued him up the path.

“Simon…John…come back!” shouted Mary.  But the two boys were already gone.

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