Questions to Ask

The Bible reveals many things about the Lord and His ways.  However, even after we read His words over and over again, we are often left with more questions than answers.

If there is a subject that you would like to me to discuss on Call to Witness, please feel free to send your request via e-mail at:  When you send you message please leave your name and your a title in the subject line of the email and your question in a clear concise way.  When I talk about the subject, I will mention you in the post (unless you request to be left anonymous).

Also, if you would to be a guest writer on Call to Witness, please send your request at with your post attached to it.  I will give you full credit for the post (unless you want to be left anonymous).

When sending your request, I encourage you to remember the Golden Rule: Treat Others as You Would Like to be Treated.  I look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless

Romans 12:1-2