Fear God When Your Young

When you are young, you do not think about the consequences of your actions. Only as you get older that you think back and wished you could go back and change your mistakes. In this last chapter of Ecclesiastes, the preacher gives advice to all of us in regards to how we live our lives. For what we do in this life, will affect our eternity.

Seizing the Day Wisely

How does one live a fulfilled life. Many believe it is the pursuit of their one dream, but what happens if that dream is no more? Others suggest it is about seizing the day since our time on earth is so short, but are there dangers to living this way? In Ecclesiastes 11, the preacher reveals how one could achieve a life that is fulfilled; you might be surprised by his findings.

Wisdom in an Uncertain World

We live in world that is full of surprises, some good and some bad. The preacher in Ecclesiastes 10 tells that exercising wisdom is the key to handling the unexpected. What is wisdom and why is it so important and where can we find it? We will find out in this discussion of Ecclesiastes 10.

Making the Most of Time

All of strive to do something great in this world and we become bitter when we fail to achieve our goals. In Ecclesiastes 9, the preacher shows that there is a better way to live our lives than to seek out greatness, for our time on this earth is way too short to achieve it.

Wisdom on Authority

We live in a world that encourages people to defy those who are in authority. Why is there so much hostility towards those in power? In Ecclesiastes 8, the preacher explains the benefits for respecting those who are in power and the consequences of defying them.

How to Handle Death?

The idea of death is something that a lot people do not really want to talk about. Nevertheless it is something that we all have to go through sooner or later. How do we handle death? In Ecclesiastes 7, the preacher gives us clues into how to deal with this frightening subject and how to approach it with a piece of mind.

No Time to Enjoy God’s Gifts

We live in a culture that is constantly striving to gain more stuff. However, those people who live by this standard never live long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We read in Ecclesiastes 6 how the preacher struggles with this fact of man's inability to enjoy what he produces. We will also discover that there is another way to live life other than seeking more.

Why Keep Our Promises?

Have you ever made a promise that you wish you didn't make? Would you follow through with your promise or would you conveniently forget? In Ecclesiastes 5, we learn from the preacher, the importance of keeping our word and why it is good idea.

Fight Against Oppression

Oppression runs rampant in this world. Everyday, in the news, we hear how people persecute those who are unable to help themselves. How do we deal with oppression. In Ecclesiastes 4, we discover the root of oppression and learn how we can combat it.

Seeking Godly Pleasure

Is the pursuit of pleasure a bad thing? In the second chapter of Ecclesiastes, the preacher went to find out if pleasure has any value. Let's discover what he found out and how we can take what he discovered and apply it to how we handle pleasure.