A God Honoring Legacy

When you die, what will you be remembered for? As I conclude my study of the book of Genesis, we examine the funeral of Jacob in chapter 50. What made it so unique and what can we learn from it that will help us leave behind a lasting legacy.

A Test of Integrity

Saying you are going to do something is one thing, but to follow through with it no matter what is quite the other. What if doing what you say will do may cause you harm? What is more valuable to you, your promise or your personal safety? That was the question Judah had to answer in Genesis 44.

Why Endure Hardships?

Have you ever had those moments, when you are serving the Lord in the work that you do, that you just want to stop and quit because the going is just too much? What good is it to endure such hardship? If anyone had a good reason to complain was the man Joseph, but in Genesis 41, we see the results of his faithfulness. Let us learn from Joseph and how it can apply to us.