Focus on Your Calling

Have you ever had a job that seemed too hard? Have you ever looked at someone else's job and say that they have such an easy job and wish that you had what they had? What if the person who gave you the hard job you have is God? That is what we see in this last chapter of the Gospel of John. As we read Peter's response to his calling, let us remember that every job from God is important.

Seeing is Not Believing

Have you ever heard of the phrase, "Nothing is as it seems"? That is because our eyes can only see in the hear in the now. In John 2o, we discover that faith does not come from seeing, but originates from something else.

The Lord is in Charge

Have you ever been given some form of authority over something? How should you use this power? As we read from John 19, we learn that when we are given power, it requires a great deal of responsibility and recognition of where our authority comes from.

What is Absolute Truth?

What is Truth? This world that we live has come up with many definitions of what truth is. However, which one is correct, they can't be all right? In this reading from John 18, we delve deeper into understanding what absolute truth is and why the world refuses to accept it.

Living in a Hostile World

We live in a world that is full of evil and is opposed to the way of our God. What are we to do in such a hostile environment? We find the answer in our reading of verses from John 17, as Jesus prays to God the Father on behalf of His disciples.

Hope in the Face of Sorrow

What is the Follower of Jesus to do in this sinful world that they live in? We know that Jesus is coming soon, so do we just bury our heads in the sand and wait for Him. We read in John 16 that this is not what Jesus wants for us. Let us learn how to have hope in the face of sorrow in this world.

Being A Part of the Vine

Jesus tells us that He is the true Vine, but what does this mean? If He is the vine, what is my role with the vine? In this reading from John 15, we will read what this looks being part of the True Vine, Jesus Christ.

How to Love God?

How do we truly prove that we love the Lord? Is it enough to say that I love God. Jesus explains in John 14 that this is not the case. We will examine a passage from this chapter and learn what Christ says is proof for loving God.

Jesus’ Model of Service

How do we show that we are followers of Jesus Christ? In John 13, Jesus provides for the model in which we can show that we are His and He is in us. Yet to follow His lead may cause us to feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it is important that we do. Let us find out how we live for God.

Responding to God’s Message

What would you do if you heard that you could have a better life if you just gave up the comfortable, yet sinful, lifestyle you are living in? Would you take this news as good or bad? How would react to the one who gave you the message? In John 12, Jesus, being God in the flesh, proclaims His message of new life in Him. How would you respond?