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Those tears came again…

Thinking about it always get me to cry…


He came in all humility, allowing Himself to be born in a manger. Like the King He is, three wise men from the East still recognized that a king was born. His humility couldn’t even hide His identity. A king who allowed Himself to be born in a place of animals and not even poor humans.


He walked among men, He was considered a nobody and He was despised. A King in heaven but a mere man on Earth. Why did He come? Just because He loves me and wanted to save me from sin. I never cared, we never believed we needed help and He was even cursed in the activity of saving us. Yet, He looked into the heavens and said “forgive them… They are just ignorant”. Just like we would go looking for…

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Joseph Wept

Sun In Rain

“…the Lord was with him and gave him success in everything he did.” (Genesis 39:3)

coatJoseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers.  It must have been traumatic to be given against his will to a strange people, traveling to an unfamiliar land.  Through the many trials he faced, Joseph remained steadfast in his loyalty to God.  At the same time, the Bible says that God was with Joseph.  Joseph went on to become the second-in-command next to Pharaoh, King of Egypt.  When he saw his brothers again it was during a time of severe famine, Joseph had risen to a prominent position in Egypt and was in charge of distributing the food that his brothers had journeyed to buy.  Joseph didn’t disclose his identity right away and his brothers did not recognize him.  When he finally did reveal who he was, he wept so loudly that those in…

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Feeling Raw


Lost in a sea of detachment,
Waves running high around,
Day runs into day,
With fears of running aground.
Time is lost in the telling,
Grief has gripped my soul,
I know you’re safe
Through God’s good grace
But it’s hard to let you go.

Guilt pulls at the anchor,
Threatens to sink the ship,
Your time was clearly close
And yet you died alone.
You slipped away so quietly,
Left us all in shock,
You went home to heaven,
My ship was on the rocks.
Sinking nearly inevitable,
Clinging tight through the ride,
My God has walked beside me,
Carried me through the tide.

Back in shallow water,
Still shifting sand beneath my feet,
Grateful that the anchor held –
The storm is near complete.
In calmer seas of nine months on
You’ve birthed me once again
Your love has made me stronger
And I know I can sail…

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All Along the Watchtower


Samson is an interesting  character in the Old Testament. (Judges, chapters 13-16.) We can learn much about ourselves through it. The drama has many implications for us,  but the conclusion lies far beyond the Old Testament narrative.

Samson’s story is a powerful saga about a man who was NOT the brave leader commonly supposed by the average person. The book of Judges presents him as a man who was given to whoring and sexual exploits.  The Bible is littered with characters that are seriously flawed.   King Saul, King David and his son Solomon were far from perfect. Samson could be said to head the list.

“Samson the hero,” is what every Jewish child the first time he or she hears about him. Over the years that is how he has been portrayed in works of art, theatre and film. Saint Saens composed an impressive opera about him, the music of…

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I am chaos.

love, em

I am chaos.

I am a mess of dilapidated color scraped out onto a page of failures.

I am a storm of wild and frequent emotion.

I am chaos.

I am a mess.

Through my chaos

With eyes that see past my utter disaster

And through all the colors that all seem to turn dark

My creator, my yeshua, the maker of my extraordinary storm

Picks up a paintbrush

And makes my chaos

Into something whole

I am beautiful chaos.

More than a mess

A mess made free.

Lam. 3:22-23, John 3:16

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Renew Your Mind

The Life Church of Des Plaines

12174933486_5931e9107c_bFaith takes place between your ears and gets walked out by your feet. Even though you’re a sinner, Jesus died for you, He loves you, He changed you.

When you present yourself to God, you get transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Freedom is found in God’s presence, freedom from past mistakes, from current problems, from an uncertain future. However, this freedom takes submission. You have to give up your will and seek the Lord’s will for you. Instead of believing whatever thought comes into your head, take the Word of God, the Bible as your source of truth and live and walk out that.

Pastor LoCascio says, “You are NOT what the devil says you are. You are NOT what you say you are. You are NOT what other people say you are. You are what God says you are!

“Stop listening to foolish lies. God doesn’t want…

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The Preacher and Time Management

Rightly Divided

Every day in the work of the ministry is an opportunity to serve people, glorify Christ and build the Kingdom of God on the earth. The minister, whether otherwise employed or full time in a church or educational position, is in a unique position to seize this opportunity. There are at least a few things that a man in the ministry should be involved in on an ongoing basis. He should be devotionally reading the Scriptures for his own edification and that of his family. He should be constantly involved in Scripture exegesis to fulfill his commitment of accurately handling the Word of Truth. He should be a life-long learner regardless of whether he is a seeking a degree. He should be meeting with his people as a partner in discipleship, a mentor and a counselor. He will have weddings, funerals, visitations, etc. always creeping up on the calendar. All of this…

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Forgive Him

Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Study - Prayer - Mark 11:25 - Forgive Him - Growing As Disciples Discipleship Study – Prayer – Mark 11:25 – Forgive Him – Growing As Disciples

And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. Mark 11:25 (NIV)


You want to become like me, is that correct? Yes, I want to become like you. I thought it was your plan to mold and shape my life so that I become like you. That is my plan. So, you want me to love like you love. You want me to give like you gave. You want me to serve like you served. Do I have the right idea? Yes, you do have the right idea. I know that I will never be prefect. I will fall short and miss the mark of becoming just like you. I know that I will sin and need your forgiveness. You…

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Sharpening the Ax

Exceptional Christian

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”

This quote is attributed to Abraham Lincoln. Whether he actually said this or not is immaterial, the concept is sound. If you are given a task, using the best tools you can to do the job helps you to perform the task more efficiently and effectively. A dull ax will take longer and require more strength.

Using a dull ax requires great strength, so sharpen the blade. That’s the value of wisdom; it helps you succeed. — Ecclesiastes 10:10

Over the years, I’ve often questioned what my true mission is. I’ve received revelation from God over that time, yet I still question and wonder if I’m following the right path. Is my ax sharp enough to do the task that God has put before me?

Before heading out on mission from…

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A Game of Patience

My Life on the Spectrum

At a time in my life when I was experiencing a long spell of stormy weather, I saw a sign on someone’s office wall that said: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.  It’s about learning how to dance in the rain”.  Those words were an ointment for my troubled heart.  If one waits until the storm passes, they may be waiting most of their entire life.

For me, time spent playing in the backyard with my grandniece and nephew was a rain dance.   A walk in the park, or shopping at my favorite store, or a day trip to some new place was a dance in the rain.  The rain dance doesn’t make the storm disappear or make it any shorter, but it sure helps to weather through one.

A storm can be a long one filled with days of waiting.  It may seem nothing is…

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