After the Angel

In this excerpt, after hearing the angel's message about Jesus, the Bible Jumpers decide on their next move. Please leave any comments below and please vote for the title of the book. God Bless.

Advent Day 21-Angelic Host

The stars glitter in the night sky, The curtain of night sparkles with shiny gems. One can get lost in this dazzling display of light, This field of stars can produce awe in the soul. For the men of the field, this is their rest, For their toil, this is the shepherd's reward. Yet as … Continue reading Advent Day 21-Angelic Host

Advent Day 6- Divine Herald

The curtain rises upon God's greatest story, The poetic drama of the Lord is about to begin. In the center of our stage shines the first player, Glowing like a star stands the herald of the tale. Who can describe the beauty of the one that is before us, What words can can be used … Continue reading Advent Day 6- Divine Herald