Relating to Matthew 6:25-34

Is you life consumed with worry and fear? In this guest post, we learn why Matthew 6:25-34 can be a passage that can help you in times when anxiety is at its highest.

God Hears the Pained Soul

There were times when despair consumed me, Fear, sometimes, placed me into a downward spiral. Rejection fueled the despair within me, My fears were driven by the thought of being abandoned. I made a mask to hide my feelings, My worries, I concealed with a smile. But the mask only increased my anxiety, Frustration overwhelmed … Continue reading God Hears the Pained Soul

Dealing with Worry God’s Way

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91:11 (King James Version) Have you ever had those moments when your anxiety levels were at their highest and stress seems to bring you down regardless of you do?  All of us, even followers of Christ, have run … Continue reading Dealing with Worry God’s Way

God Takes Away All Fear

Why do we hesitate in taking part in God's ministry? Most of the time it is because we are afraid of the scope of the mission He has laid before us. How can we overcome our fears of serving God? We will examine the verse from Exodus 33 and see what God promises for His people.