The Beauty of God’s Design

If we want to be productive in our walk with God, we must follow His directions. In this devotional from Exodus 27, we discuss why it is important to follow God's design and why people don't follow His way.

Captivating Woman’s Heart

I behold the one who's beautiful, Captivated am I by her loveliness. How elegant is her exquisite form, Her body leaves me spellbound. But it's her soul that lures me,' My heart is attracted to hers. For she reflects the image of God, In her, I see the Lord's reflection. She is full of love … Continue reading Captivating Woman’s Heart

How Great is My God

A rose is beautiful to see, Yet the Lord surpasses even its beauty. The sun is too bright to look at, But God shines with greater brilliance. An ocean is vast upon the earth, Yet the Lord's vastness is unfathomable. The universe stretches to infinite, But the Almighty is beyond even this. All things don't … Continue reading How Great is My God

A Woman Needs to Feel Beautiful

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. Song of Songs 4:7 (New International Version) Of all things that God has created, nothing compares to the beauty and uniqueness of women.  The first man Adam declared when he saw Eve for the first time, "At last, this is bone of my … Continue reading A Woman Needs to Feel Beautiful

Beholding the Beauty of God

Let my eyes be set upon Jesus, Upon Christ, will my sight be fixed. I will gaze deeply into His wonderful face, Upon His beauty, I will look adoringly at. Worries no longer matter when I look on Him, As I marvel at the Lord, all my fears vanish. The treasures of the earth pale … Continue reading Beholding the Beauty of God

Rays of God Point to God

Let us consider the beauty of sunny day, Behold the majesty of days full of rain and clouds. Let us think on the power of the great oceans, Ponder the mighty forces of both rivers and lakes. Pay attention to the glory of the vast heavens, Behold the wonder that is on and in the … Continue reading Rays of God Point to God