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This world is full of fear and if we are not too careful, it will overwhelm us and make us lose all hope. To combat fear we must have courage. Where do we acquire the bravery to stand against fear and be faithful to the Gospel of Christ.
The courage we seek does not originate from within us. Although we are saved by God’s grace, we still live in earthly bodies that are ravaged by our sinful past. Our courage must come from a divine source.
When we set our eyes on the Lord and on His ways, He will give to us the courage needed to combat fear.  We fight the fear by not paying attention to it.   It takes bravery to turn away from what seems to be dire circumstances and trust that everything will be alright because the Lord has the situation well in hand. Let us trust that the Almighty will always be with us and walk bravely through this dark fearful world.

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Fighting for the Lord

My Lord has given the call, time to call up my strength, Be strong and courageous, my Master has given the order. The enemy we face is strong, let us wrestle them to victory, We will fight and pray with all our might, for the foe in the field is dangerous. With the Lord on … Continue reading Fighting for the Lord