God Hears the Pained Soul

There were times when despair consumed me, Fear, sometimes, placed me into a downward spiral. Rejection fueled the despair within me, My fears were driven by the thought of being abandoned. I made a mask to hide my feelings, My worries, I concealed with a smile. But the mask only increased my anxiety, Frustration overwhelmed … Continue reading God Hears the Pained Soul

Christ Casts Out All Fear

I cast all my fears before the feet of Jesus, Freely I hand over to Christ all my worries. In my Savior, my soul finds perfect rest, My weary heart is comforted in the Lord's presence. The road I walk may be hard to see, While darkness of the path may cause me to lose … Continue reading Christ Casts Out All Fear

God Hears Us All

There are moments when I am filled with despair, At times I am overwhelmed with feelings of sorrow. My sorrow originates from my soul's fear, Anxiety is where all my despair derives. I claim that all is well on the surface, Yet my soul screams for deliverance from its pain. Yet I have found the … Continue reading God Hears Us All